Quit Smoking - What does our program involve? After making your appointment and showing up, you will meet with your therapist. Your 90 minute session will consist of: Background information about you and your habits Discussion about your specific reasons and excuses about why you are not quitting Explanation of Quit Smoking method and how it works Undertaking [more]
What Does the Program Involve? Both face-to-face and Australia- wide long distance consultations are available. It is quite a straight-forward process in that what that is required is that the child listen to scientifically created and filtered music for up to 2 hours a day for 13 days using a unique portable mini-computer device and special bone-conduction headphones. Long distance consu [more]
Diabetes Help – What is involved?
Diabetes - How can we help? During the course of the program we cover: The Science Behind what causes diabetes, blood sugar regulation, insulin and insulin resistance and how to use food, nutrition and lifestyle to turn it all around Weight Loss - we use the latest behaviour change technology - hypnosis and NLP - in order to make it easy for you to change to a healthy diet and no long [more]