Bulimia Help for Families

Do You Need Bulimia Help for a Family member?

Bulimia is an eating disorder often used in place of other self-harm behaviours such as cutting, burning etc. Typically a person will turn to bulimic behavior as a way of coping with strong feelings or in order to drown out overwhelming emotional pain and hurt and/or anxiety and panic.

As such it is not so much about the food that the person is eating but more about the sense of relief from difficult feelings that is experienced in the moments after the inevitable purge. This sense of relief and release from emotional turmoil can last for a few moments and even up to hours or days and in the case of an almost recovered bulimic even weeks or months. While a bulimic is stuck in the pattern of using bulimia they will continue to binge and purge whenever strong or difficult emotions arise or when anxiety, stress or panic sets in.

Bulimia help for familiesBulimics may start out using the behavior as a weight loss tool having become super conscious of their body shape and size as a teen but at some point the bulimia takes over and becomes almost and obsessive compulsive behavior, one that they feel they must resort to every time they experiences difficult emotions, stress or anxiety.

Bulimics often feel ashamed of their bulimia and will resort to great lengths to hide it. Ultimately this leads to bulimics becoming reclusive and cut off from family, friends and loved ones.

Like all addictions, habits and compulsive behaviors the person is unable to change the behavior until they have made a very committed decision to do so. Sadly, wanting your child to change their behavior just because you want them to or out of love and what is best for them does not work. Because the behavior is as entrenched as a life coping method, the bulimic will make little headway as far as healing is concerned until they are fully committed to change within themselves.

Many bulimics will reach a point in their bulimic behavior where they will eventually see that not only does the bulimia not help them to cope it actually makes life much, much worse. Many will halt the bulimia on their own by simply growing out of it. Others need the help and support of trained professionals to get there.

I am not only trained and qualified to work with bulimics and bulimia but have been working with people with this condition for many years now. There is a way out of the misery of bulimia. For more information please simply give me a call. I am available for counselling sessions Australia-wide. I do face-to-face sessions out of my rooms here in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne or provide sessions Australia-wide via phone or Skype.

To contact Your Mind Place please call: 0437 048 833

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