Men Get Eating Disorders Too!

It is estimated that 30% of people with eating disorders are men!

While female eating disorders are characterized by a desire to be slim, male eating disorders can go in one of two ways.

Those that want to lose weight and be slim, and those that want to bulk up maintaining a muscular physique.

Men Get Eating Disorders TooBecause eating disorders are traditionally considered to be a ‘female issue’ males may hold off from seeking treatment.

Males are less likely to be diagnosed early with an eating disorder. As such it can be said that males go untreated longer and potential receive less treatment than females.

The underlying causes for the disordered eating are similar between men and women and can include family problems, bullying, perfectionism, performance anxiety, anxiety, trauma, stress, low self-esteem, abuse, societal pressure and so on.

Warning signs of a possible male eating disorder:

  • Fixation with body building, workouts or muscle toning
  • Anxiety over missing workouts
  • Working out even when sick or injured
  • Binge eating
  • Obsession with food and body weight
  • Hoarding of food
  • Disgust with body size or shape
  • Depression/anxiety

Athletic sports professionals such as jockeys, gymnasts, dancers and elite sportsmen are at greater risk of developing an eating disorder than the general population.

Rates of body dissatisfaction among males have been found to be catching up with those of females.

Because eating disorders are stereotypically thought to be a female illness, men can feel shame around seeking out treatment and worry as to whether they will be the only guy in a treatment centre or therapy group aimed more at women.

If you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, then it is imperative that you seek help. I am university trained, and have been working with bulimia and binge eating disorders for many years now. All sessions are private, confidential and one-on-one.

To find out more, or to get your therapy underway, please give YOUR MInd Place a call: 0437 048 833

Sessions are available in person or Australia-wide via phone or skype.



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