Gastric Band Surgery Vs Weight Loss Hypnosis

Gastric Band Hypnosis (Weight Loss Hypnosis) is natural, safe, effective weight loss.

At Your Mind Place, we harness the power of hypnosis to program your mind to believe that your stomach has shrunk so that you eat less from the first session. Hypnosis gives you the right mindset so that you can eat less and exercise more without feeling deprived or denied.

Gastric Band Surgery is a serious surgical procedure that comes with all the risks of a medical operation – anesthesia, surgery mishaps and so on.

In contrast, Gastric Band Hypnosis is a simple, straightforward therapy that in a sense tricks the mind into behaving as if the surgery had been done.

Rather than gastric band surgery being the fix all that it is promised to patients to be, many a time I talk to people who tell me they struggled to change their eating habits following the surgery because nothing about stomach surgery addressed their mind’s obsession with the wrong foods or cravings for large portion sizes.

Innumerable times people have told me that their initial weight loss following surgery was followed by serious weight gain and subsequently they had the band loosened or removed. For most of these people their digestion returned to normal after this, for some their ability to digest in a normal manner was irreparably damaged and so they now face a lifetime of difficulty with the inability to digest regular foods and the subsequent struggle with malnutrition.

Of those who undergo the more radical forms of stomach surgery many of them struggle to adjust to the fact that they will be on a liquid diet for the remainder of their life. They feel that they were not adequately informed or assisted with adjustment to this liquid diet that by its very nature rules out the normal food based social interactions that we all take for granted.

Gastric Band Surgery is a serious procedure with inherent risks. It should not be undertaken lightly. It is by no means a quick fix or an easy answer to life-long, healthy eating habits.

Weight Loss HypnosisWith Gastric Band Hypnosis, people report an immediate decrease in food intake and potion sizes following the session. Gastric Band Hypnosis is for those that either do not want or do not qualify for physical surgery. I would also recommend it for those contemplating the surgery as a positive result here means that surgery would no longer be needed.

The obvious benefit of this type of therapy is that is risk free. Not only does it not carry any of inherent risks of a medical procedure but it also comes at a far more affordable cost.

Moreover because it includes psychological and emotional support it deals with the main reasons why people overeat and eat the wrong foods in the first place.

The Gastric Band Hypnosis Program helps you feel motivated to make the changes that you have always wanted to make, it taps into your inherent strengths and allows you to be your best you. My clients often report feeling happier about themselves, finally feeling confidant to go out and socialize and for many the most exciting thing is finally being able to wear they clothes they have wanted to wear. It is great to get your life and energy back. Having the energy to play with the kids and the grandkids is a big thing for many of my clients as well.

Most people in the Weight Loss Hypnosis Program lose between 1-2 kilos a week.

The Program is made up of 4 sessions held at three-weekly intervals. You are given a support CD at each session together with useful handouts; all there to keep you on track in between sessions and into the future. All sessions are private and one-on-one. They run for approximately 90 mins each.

This program is safe, effective and long-term.

To find out more please give me a call: 0437 048 833

I work with clients Australia-wide.


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