Weight Loss Hypnosis for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Hypnosis is not limited to those who can hear!

Weight Loss Hypnosis works also for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired!

Trance is a natural state that all people pass into and out of during their day. Some time ago when I was asked by a deaf client to create a program that would work for deaf people, I did!

DeafGastricBandIn most respects this program is the same as my program for hearing clients the only difference being that rather than talking, I use vision and relaxation to get you into trance in order to activate the power of hypnosis. My weight loss hypnosis for deaf people program is relaxing, safe, affordable and the results are long-term.

Diets Don’t Work

People choose hypnosis for weight loss because these days we are all aware that diets only work in the short-term. They do not change a person’s thoughts or feelings about food. As a result as soon as the person finishes the diet, or when they fall off it along the way, they slowly but surely return to their old bad eating habits and before you know it, all the old weight is back again and then some.

Hypnosis Changes How you Think and Feel about Food

We use the power of hypnosis to change your thinking about food. No more cravings for the old rubbish food and drinks. No more obsessive thoughts or late night binges. With hypnosis you find that the old habits just fall away as the new habits fall into place permanently for the long-term. This is lifestyle change at its best. No dieting, no deprivation, no hunger, no feeling deprived.

Reduced Portion Sizes

Hypnosis is a form of psychology and although it can seem like magic it isn’t magic at all, it follows the scientific principles of how the mind works and harnesses those principles to get you the results you want. Everybody knows what they need to do in order to lose weight, hypnosis gets your mind in the right place so that you can finally do all those things that you know you need to do. The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that it makes you feel compelled to do them. The change comes from within your own mind so it feels natural and it is real and sustainable.

Emotional Eating Gone!

Along with taking care of the eating side of things we work on everything else that needs to happen. We reduce portion sizes, cut out unnecessary snacking and emotional eating, work on the metabolism and boost your enjoyment of healthy exercise.

There is Hope for Morbid Obesity

People often arrive at the first session somewhat down and depressed. They are despairing because their weight has climbed to life threatening levels, they have tried every diet under the sun and nothing has worked, their weight is still climbing. If they don’t find an answer soon they know the future looks grim. Given that all has failed them in the past they are so afraid that this will fail them too.

Turbo Charged Results

For that very reason I have created the first session to be super powerful. From the very first session you will feel different. The cravings will no longer be there. The endless hunger will be gone. The obsessive thoughts about junk food will have vanished. Plus I will have used hypnosis to implant the idea that you love and crave healthy food. Right from the very first session how you think and feel about food will have changed remarkably for the better. You will be surprised. You will be delighted with the new you and your new eating habits!

Right from the first session people’s hope returns and their mood improves. By the time people return for their second session they are all smiles and positivity for the future.

A great Success Rate

On this program people lose on average 1 to 2 kg a week. This program is perfect for people who over-eat, those who eat too much junk food and rubbish and those that don’t exercise.

I have a great success rate because I have been there. My weight got up to 100kg and I was devastated. But it turned out to be the fuel I needed to get me going. I turned my attention to finding the hypnosis and NLP techniques that work quickly, powerfully and thoroughly to addressing the real issues that need to be addressed. Because I’ve been there and I know what it feels like I created this program to be practical, fast and long-term. I am not some slim person who has never struggled with their weight guessing what it is that makes people over-eat. I’ve been there. I know that you are not over-eating because you’re hungry! People don’t finish off a whole packet of Tim Tams because their hungry, or eat a whole tub of ice-cream out of starvation, or eat a large evening meal and then keep on snacking all through the night for lack of food. I know from my own experience that over-eating doesn’t come from hunger, or laziness or because you don’t understand nutrition and health. I have lived a head full of food and cravings and obsessive, relentless thoughts about food. I have been there and because I have been there I know what a weight loss program that works requires. I know what has to change in your head in order for you to finally get the results you are after. That is what this program provides. It flips a switch in your brain and finally gets you back on track. It is good, practical therapy that works long-term.

Finally a program with permanent results that has been made with the deaf and hearing impaired in mind.

You can lose weight and you can keep it off for good. Please give me a call to get going with your weight loss program today.

Call or text Your Mind Place on: 0437 048 833 to set up your appointment.

Sharon is a university trained counselor and a hypnotherapist with over 1½ decades of experience under her belt.

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