Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program at Your Mind Place

We have all heard the news reports telling us that Australia now has one of the biggest obesity problems in the world …… the world! Just like 65% of the Australian population, I too, have struggled with my weight. Busy modern day lifestyles mean that it is all too easy to fall into bad exercise habits and too much take-away.

Your mind place weight loss hypnosisLike many, my weight maintained itself at a reasonable weight naturally enough for the first couple of decades of my life. It was not until after I had my first child that I began to struggle with weight gain and overeating. I knew what I had to do to get the weight off but I really struggled to do it. I found that with the busy-ness of being a mum I just didn’t have time to focus my thoughts on dieting and exercise in the way that was required to obtain on-going results. In the end I really realized that cravings and obsessive thoughts about food were holding me back from making the changes that I truly wanted to implement. It was at that time that I clearly saw that it was not a better diet or more knowledge or information about dieting and food that I needed, it was a complete change in mindset that was required.

Having had that realization and having been trained in hypnosis, meditation and addiction counselling over many years, I was in the very fortunate position to put my knowledge to work. I sat down and researched the techniques that I knew my mind needed in order to be free of its old ingrained habits, cravings and obsessive thoughts about food. Having found the techniques that worked for me, I put them to the test on my clients. I held onto the ones that worked and discarded those that didn’t pass muster. Over time and through trial-and-error I was able to put together a program that has a tremendously high success rate. It works because it is practical, human centred, takes busy mum’s and dad’s lives into account and most importantly because it brings about complete lifestyle change. It is not a quick fix but a fundamental shift in how a person thinks and feels about food. When you love the healthy food that you should be eating, you don’t think twice – you eat it. When all your cravings for the old unhealthy foods no longer enter your head anymore you don’t think about them – they are simply no longer on your radar. When what you want to do is eat right and exercise, you do! My program of Gastric Band Hypnosis brings about a deep mental shift that allows you to finally eat and live in the way that you have always wanted to.

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Yours in peace and happiness,

Sharon Chinen

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