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Your Mind Place – Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis

“I have lost 9kg already and still going. I feel happy and energized. My clothes are feeling way looser and my cravings for the old foods have just dropped off, I find that I don’t want to eat them anymore. In fact sometimes I find that I don’t feel like eating all that much at all. I used to always be looking for biscuits and comfort foods in between meals that has just gone. This is not a diet. It is a change to healthy eating; eating less and eating healthier. The way I think and feel about food has just changed. Changed for the better!”
Mother of 3, Cranbourne.

“Sharon made me feel comfortable right away. I had a weight problem that was interfering with my life. Sharon used intriguing techniques that produced results much quicker than I anticipated. I had three sessions, have lost the weight and kept it off, and now feel better than ever. Thanks Sharon!”
Grace P. Frankston

“I really thought I couldn’t do it on my own. With the hypnosis I felt like I could actually achieve my goals. I found myself doing and eating things I never used to. It was all due to the hypnosis. I’m glad I gave it a go because I now believe that my dreams can come true!”
Sharna J. Cranbourne

“Thanks Sharon! You put me at ease straight away. The cravings went, I lost the weight. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!”
Cynthia E. Carrum Downs

“I have never felt better! Thanks!”
Sue T. Garfield

“Since coming to you, I feel better at age 65 than I have in years! I have lost 15kg, got my energy back, I can keep up with the kids better, the cravings have gone and my portion sizes are down where they should be. My back doesn’t ache anymore and the pain in my knees is getting better. Plus I am sleeping better than ever. This program works in so many unexpected ways. Thank you so much!”
Joan J. Berwick

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