Automatic Primary Motor Reflexes

What Are Automatic Primary Motor Reflexes, or Primitive Reflexes?

Automatic Primary Motor Reflexes (APMR) movements provide protection during the earliest stages of development. They are the building blocks for more complex automatic motor reflexes, development of learned motor skills and of advanced motor planning.

Automatic Primary Motor ReflexesPrimitive Reflexes also play a vital role in cognitive development and communication skills.

All people have automatic motor reflexes – primitive reflexes.

They exist and operate without regard to any challenges faced by the individual and they do so irrespective of any diagnosis.

In order for a person’s motor reflexes to present, develop, and integrate into more complex systems, every underlying neurosensorimotor mechanism component (including the nervous, sensory, and motor systems) needs to be functioning both cooperatively and appropriately.

Automatic motor reflexes are present in all of us, and because they are vital to all normal growth and development, there exists in all of us the potential to improve and even restore full mental and physical function if it is found that the reflexes are not functioning in the correct way.

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