Benefits of Reflex Integration

Effects of Reflex Integration

When the brain and/or the senses confuse input experiences, the effect is twofold. First, reflex patterns that emerge during infancy will not mature.

Benefits of MNRI TherapyThis can result in behavioural and emotional issues.

Second, the failure of these early reflexes to mature can cause the natural process of reflex development to become compromised.

Reflex Integration can help restore reflex function in the following ways:

  • By gently re-opening areas that have shut down due to trauma or overwhelm, to bring about accurate functionality of the sensory systems
  • By re-engaging neural pathways that have become inhibited
  • By facilitating activation of alternative pathways

Other Benefits of Reflex Integration

Reflex integration is a truly holistic method and its applications are broad and far-reaching.

Reflex Integration Therapy has many other key benefits which include:

  • Recognising areas of dysfunction in motor reflexes that affect congenital medical conditions, trauma (both physical and emotional) and the physical debilitation caused by them
  • Isolating affected motor reflexes
  • Activates optimal neural pathways
  • Integrates the primitive and primary motor reflexes with mature functions
  • Facilitates maturation of automatic motor schemes
  • Improves fine and gross motor skills
  • Improves motor planning
  • Improves speech and language and helps improve reading and writing skills
  • Aids in healthy cognitive development
  • Helps regulate emotions and behaviours
  • Helps develop greater social skills

By getting to the source of dysfunction, reflex integration can help a child with Cerebral Palsy improve motor function. It can help an autistic child develop better cognitive, socialisation and relational abilities, and it can help a child with ADHD improve socialisation, relational, planning and generalisation skills.

Your Mind Place Programs

We offer comprehensive programs to help children (and adults) who are coping with developmental and/or learning difficulties including emotional difficulties. Each program is tailored to the individual child based on our full set of assessments.

We help people all over Australia to overcome the symptoms and conditions listed above.

Please call Your Mind Place or email to find out how our comprehensive Child Development Programs can benefit your child.
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