The Leg Cross Flexion-Extension Reflex

Reflexes are important to a child’s cognitive development

The Leg Cross Flexion - Extension ReflexIt is through the correct appearance, action and integration of reflexes that child development happens. When reflexes are not active as they should be or active beyond their appropriate time they interfere with healthy growth causing delays in both physical and mental development. Delays in cognitive development can lead to difficult behaviours and learning problems.

What is the Leg Cross Flexion-Extension Reflex?

The Leg Cross Flexion-Extension Reflex is the automatic response by the body to cause the opposing leg to flex when one foot steps on a painful object. It is a complex reflex active between both sides of the body. The good function of this reflex is vital to healthy brain development as it is this reflex that brings about maturation of the lower motor pathways of the brain. This infant reflex plays an important role in the development of motor coordination of the legs and even impacts on perception, thinking and space-time orientation.

When this reflex is not integrated we can see such issues as:

• Poor posture
• A weakness in the ability to cross the midline (and hence trouble in accessing both sides of the brain, leading to perceptual issues.)
• Delayed cognitive development
• Processing issues

We understand the importance of the proper integration of the Primitive or Infant Reflexes. We know that learning delays, problems with auditory, visual or sensory processing, behavioural issues and developmental delays are caused by the poor integration of the reflexes. After a thorough assessment process that takes up to three hours, we put together the most appropriate program to assist your child in their healthy development. Our goal is always to get your child functioning at their best in the shortest possible time. We have studied and trained in the very latest modalities from around the world so that we can bring your child the best.

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