Primitive Reflexes – Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex

Why are reflexes so important for your child?

Primitive Reflexes - Robinson Hand Grasp ReflexReflexes are vitally important to a child’s growth and development for it is the reflexes that are the building blocks upon which development occurs. Without the reflexes development is impaired.

Reflexes trigger the automatic movements an infant makes. It is reflexes that allow the baby to turn in the womb, make its way out at birth, take its first breath and suck and swallow its first meal. Reflexes are the starting point for the development of abilities that are to come.

Each milestone that we so eagerly look out for as we watch our baby grow is brought on by the action of a reflex.

What is the Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex?

We have all no doubt experienced a baby grasping onto our finger (or our hair) with a steady, firm grasp. This is the Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex in action. You may have even seen or heard of times that the infant’s grip is so strong, it can raise the baby.

It is the Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex that sets the stage for further full development of the hand; its manual abilities and dexterity. By the end of the first year of the baby’s life this reflex has laid down the foundation for greater cognitive and motor abilities. The integration of this reflex is vital to fine motor skills such as holding a pencil and handwriting.

When the Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex does not become fully integrated any number of developmental problems can arise, including:

• Delay in gross and fine motor abilities such as holding and manipulating objects, poor pencil grip and poor handwriting
• Delay in the development of a dominant hand
• Trouble grasping ideas
• Delayed speech and ability to express one’s self
• A sense of insecurity
• Rigid thinking and behavior patterns
• Poor ability to process sensory-motor information (e.g. move in response to sensory information )

The Robinson Hand Grasp Reflex is vital to the development of good communication and self- expression abilities.

Following a thorough assessment, we create individualized programs tailored to your child’s developmental needs. Our goal is always to assist your child to reach his or her full potential. If you are committed to a natural, drug-free approach we have the knowledge and the therapies that make the difference.

Please call today to find out more on just how we can help your child thrive. Call 0437 048 833 today.

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