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Who Can Benefit From Reflex Integration?

About MNRI Masgutova TherapyThe benefits of the Reflex Integration extend to everyone and anyone. The main focus is primary reflexes. Through this focus on the primary reflexes Reflex Integration is able to restore proper brain and body function for optimal development in children and rehabilitation in adults.

Reflex Integration aides in all cases of developmental delay, disability, accident or trauma. It can be used as part of an individualised performance optimisation or wellness program, but is more often used to help individuals who are facing far bigger challenges. In short, the method applies to a vast range of diagnoses and labels.

What is the Function of an Initial Assessment?

An assessment determines the current state of a person’s primary motor reflexes and can uncover movements and patterns that are immature and under-developed even in a person who is highly functionally proficient in many areas. Often parents come to me confused because, for example, their child may be exceedingly good at math but way behind in reading or writing. We can be very good at one or more things and still struggle with others.

What Concerns are Addressed Through Reflex Integration?

Diagnoses and labels only serve to rank people into simple categories of symptoms and conditions, but they often do not provide a way to objectively identify the underlying challenges that are present on a cognitive, feeling or physical level. Placing the focus on restoring appropriate function of the reflexes, the therapist is able to affect brain, body function in a profoundly positive way.

Your Mind Place Programs

We offer comprehensive programs to help children (and adults) who are coping with developmental and/or learning difficulties including emotional difficulties. Each program is tailored to the individual child based on our full set of assessments.

We help people all over Australia to overcome the symptoms and conditions listed above.

Please call Your Mind Place or email to find out how our comprehensive Child Development Programs can benefit your child.
Sharon Chinen – 0437 048 833.

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