Diabetes Help – What is involved?

Diabetes – How can we help?

Diabetes help what is involvedDuring the course of the program we cover:

  • The Science Behind what causes diabetes, blood sugar regulation, insulin and insulin resistance and how to use food, nutrition and lifestyle to turn it all around
  • Weight Loss – we use the latest behaviour change technology – hypnosis and NLP – in order to make it easy for you to change to a healthy diet and no longer be plagued by cravings for unhealthy, fattening or high GI foods. Hypnosis also allows you to eat smaller portions and stay feeling fuller for longer.
  • Stress Management – High cortisol levels (triggered by stress) wreak havoc with the body’s ability to process food in a healthy way. We look at the phenomenon of stress and its causes, and then use techniques that help reduce or even eliminate damaging stress.
  • Exercise is important to the body’s ability to utilize glucose in a healthy way. Whatever your level of mobility, we look at ways you can safely exercise and build health and use hypnosis to make it easy!
  • Motivation – We use strategies and techniques to help you stay motivated to eat right and exercise regularly.
  • Recipes – participants are supplied with great tasting recipes. A great way to get started on the road to health.
  • Ongoing support – We are happy to offer ongoing support via email or telephone for the duration of the program and beyond.
  • GP Care – You are in good hands! All participants must remain under the care of their GP for the duration of the program. All adjustments to medication must only be made under the care of, and at the direction of, a qualified GP doctor.

Everything is covered so that you can achieve your best outcome.

This is an exciting program that is changing lives.

Call 0437 048 833 for more info now.

Our services are available Australia Wide!

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