Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety Disorder Treatment using Tomatis Sound Therapy

Having worked as a counselling therapist over many years now I have helped countless people to work through, and learn how to deal with, their anxiety.

An anxiety attack itself can be so incredibly frightening, especially when it is happening for the first few times.

Anxiety disorder treatmentIn my sessions I teach people simple, practical techniques that they can use to get them through anxiety attacks and out the other side. Managing an anxiety attack is not hard once you have been taught how.

However, when it comes to chronic anxiety, anxiety born of trauma or anxiety that culminates in any self-harm behaviour whether it be self-cutting, burning, an eating disorder or addiction I find that the Tomatis Method of sound therapy comes into its own. It supports the counselling by making it more effective.

Dr. Tomatis first developed this therapy back in the 50’s and it has been in use around the world since then. When you are after a therapy that works deeper than mere words and talk therapy alone can go, then Tomatis sound therapy is the answer you are looking for.

The Tomatis Method works on the limbic system in the medial area of the brain.

This part of the brain is responsible for many things including the mechanisms of emotion. Through its action on the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex, Tomatis therapy positively impacts the way the brain regulates emotion, including anxiety and depression. It causes increased brain activity, strengthens neural pathways and balances brain functions resulting in a greater sense of happiness, wellbeing, and a more positive outlook.

The really great thing about the Tomatis Method is that not only has it proved helpful for depression again and again, it is a drug-free option. It is easy and safe to use, and fifty-plus years of its use around that world have shown us that it has no negative side-effects. The Tomatis Method of therapy is a therapy that you do at home under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from Tomatis sound therapy then do not hesitate to give me a call. I will be happy to discuss your individual situation with you and put together an individually tailored program that has the greatest chance of success for you or your loved one. Call 0437 048 833 to find out more. My consultations and the Tomatis Method of sound therapy are available in person and over the phone and skype Australia-wide. The sound therapy is done in the comfort of your own home using a portable device that can be mailed out to you.

Call Your Mind Place 0437 048 833 to find out more.


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