Audio Processing

Sound Therapy has a great success rate in helping with audio processing, memory, concentration and learning abilities; speech and language acquisition; reading, writing and so on.

What it does is it lays down new pathways in the brain stimulating the nervous system bringing about improvement in the areas of development where the child is experiencing challenges or delays.

With audio processing the best way I can explain it is, while the ears are hearing the sounds of others speech and the other senses are taking in sensory information the brain is not processing this in the regular way. It is as if the child has a traffic jam in their brain – all the information goes in but it gets stuck rather than being moved to the part of the brain that it should automatically go to.

By stimulating the nerves that reach into the brain Tomatis ® Sound Therapy re-patterns the brain so that the information coming in is then more correctly processed. In this way we see wonderful improvements.

Sound Therapy was created by a French Doctor – Dr. Tomatis – in the 1950s it has been used around the world since then with great results for behavior and learning problems, language difficulties, and so much more.

The Tomatis ® Sound Therapy program is designed to replicate, through sound, the various steps of the child’s development with respect to listening, vocalization, speech and language, and comprehension. It is based on an assumption that such a ‘re-patterning’ or ‘re-run’ will fill any gaps that may have occurred during the child’s development. This process is assumed to begin with the child’s pre-natal life (when the ear is already operational), up to his or her acquisition of written language.

To find out more about how the Tomatis® Method can help you or your child, please give Your Mind Place a call: 0437 048 833.

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