Cerebral Palsy Help Using the Tomatis Method of Sound Therapy

Tomatis Sound Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

As Cerebral Palsy is a condition of the brain the Tomatis Method works at this level to support improvement and change globally including motor function, auditory and visual processing, language, manual competency, tactile processing and mobility. It also works to bring improvement in overall cognitive functioning.

Cerabral palsy help with sound therapyThe Tomatis Method is an effective and useful method that compliments other therapies your child may be utilizing.

It was Dr. Tomatis who invented the Tomatis Method of sound therapy.

This method has been found to help children and adults with cerebral palsy through the stimulation of the nerves into the brain and body. In this way it strengths neural pathways, causes improved muscle tone, works on speech, cognitive, visual and audio function.

It also works on the vestibular system improving self-regulation of balance and movement on all planes (bilateral and upper and lower body movements).

It turns out that the ear is not only a sensory organ that captures sound. Dr. Tomatis found that owing to the fact that the ear houses the vestibular system, it is essential in integrating all of our senses through the vestibular system.

Hence if the ear – the cochlear and the vestibule – are not functioning to their fullest, we cannot function at our best.

It is the vestibular system which manages our bodily movement, balance and coordination. It also coordinates both eye and hand movement including supporting the skills of reading and writing. Because the vestibular system plays an important role in the mechanisms that control coordination and rhythm, the Tomatis Method effectively works on difficulties associated with motor rhythm and coordination.

Furthermore, together with the cerebral cortex, the vestibule is very much involved in one’s capacity of spatial navigation and the internal formation of the body schema. The Tomatis Method works on both of these highly important areas bringing about improvements.

Many children around the world living with cerebral palsy have undergone the Tomatis Method of sound stimulation and achieved worthwhile, lasting and global improvements.

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