My Child Is Struggling To Read

How to Help Your Child if They are Struggling to Read

Many children have struggles early on with reading. While most overcome these hurdles quickly, others seem to get stuck at specific points in the development of their reading skills. Does your child complain about being called on to read in class? Does he or she express feelings of embarrassment because he or she cannot read at the same pace or cadence as other children?

My Child Is Struggling To ReadThe inability to read at grade level can be frustrating for the child and while sometimes there are factors at play that limit what can be done to fix the problem (like a learning disability), quite often the issue CAN be overcome when the correct course of therapy is applied by professionals.

Know Your Options

First and foremost, if you fear your child might have a learning disability it is important to explore every possible avenue to narrow down the problem. Disorders like dyslexia could be at play. Trouble in other subjects that is not coupled with behavioural concerns could also be indicative of a more pervasive problem.

If, however, you have explored all the possibilities and your doctor and educational professionals cannot pinpoint the problem (or solve it through any traditional avenues), it might be time to consider a more holistic approach to the situation.

It is vital to understand that a reading disorder alone is rarely indicative of a learning disability or chemical imbalance. Quite often, the issue lies in a blockage in the child’s ability to process sounds. If the child cannot differentiate between phonetic sounds and tones, it is very difficult to apply phonetic principles to written words.

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy and Reading

I use TOMATIS® Sound Therapy as a means of clearing those blockages. TOMATIS® works by teaching the brain how to recognise, process and store auditory information in a way that traditional therapies and interventions can’t. It incorporates both music and speech in this process, both of which can help teach children how to process a much broader range of sounds.

Once the brain understands the phonetic nuances of words, it can much more easily translate those sounds to text. When that happens, the child’s ability to read at or above grade level is reached quickly.

Best of all, TOMATIS® is a purely holistic therapy. It does not employ the use of drugs or chemicals. It is a completely natural and safe means of tearing down the barriers that are keeping your child from reading at grade level.

I believe whole-heartedly that a combination of auditory therapy and interventions at school can assist the vast majority of students who are struggling in this particular area of academics. Once the child is able to process the sounds associated with speech, it is much easier to make the direct correlation between how the word sounds and how it looks on paper.

I have helped children all over Australia meet or exceed their reading goals through the use of TOMATIS® and our individually tailored programs, and I can help yours as well. Contact me today to find out how it works and discover if it can be the solution to your child’s reading problems.

Call 0437 048 833. I look forward to speaking with you.

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