My Child is Struggling with School Work

It can be a frustrating thing for a parent when a child is struggling at school

It is even more so when the child understands that he or she is behind other children in various subjects but can’t seem to keep-up.

My Child is Struggling with SchoolworkDoes this sound familiar?

“Katie is a wonderful child and a pleasure to have in class. For reasons I can’t understand, though, her work is always below what we would expect. I know she is listening and paying attention. She has no behaviour issues and I can tell she wants to learn, but something is keeping her from keeping-up with the rest of the students.”

In What Areas of Academics Does Your Child Struggle?

Is this happening in just one area or does it affect all of your child’s academic pursuits? In either event there could be a number of reasons why. Those reasons range from irreversible medical conditions to manageable learning disabilities to less obvious and under-explored causes.

I would like to take a few minutes to address the last. Quite often, doctors and educators exhaust every traditional avenue before looking for more subtle causes for learning difficulty and this, I believe is done to the detriment of the child’s education.

Yes, you should absolutely determine if your child has a disability or medical condition that will permanently affect his or her ability to learn, but it can take years to determine that in some cases.

In the meantime, I would like to suggest a course of therapy that most doctors and teachers might not have even heard of, let alone thought to recommend.

For some reason the word “holistic” has developed a sort of unfair stigma. Just because it doesn’t require traditional medicine does not mean that it is ineffective. In fact, I believe it is a bad idea to throw pills at most problems children face unless the source of the problem can be PROVEN to be chemical.

This is why I recommend TOMATIS® Sound Therapy.

TOMATIS® and Academics

All academic pursuits follow the same model: the teacher teaches the subject, the students practice it until they achieve the desired degree of mastery. Now imagine if your child is missing the vast majority of the information being taught because he or she is unable to effectively listen to the teacher.

We aren’t talking about an attention deficit. We aren’t talking about boredom or a tendency to daydream. We’re talking about a brain that has never learned how to effectively process certain auditory information.

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy addresses that particular issue. Using specific selections of music and speech played at fluctuating tones and frequencies, Dr. Alfred Tomatis discovered that it was possible to make people more effective listeners. His therapy model has helped millions to overcome perceived learning disabilities and function much better in academic settings.

Contact Me Today!

I have worked with children all over Australia and have been amazed at the effectiveness of TOMATIS®. Call today to find out how I can help your child. TOMATIS® is a completely safe, drug-free, non-invasive therapy that I am certain can help your child in ANY area of academics. Please call 0437 048 833 to find out more.

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