Industrial Deafness

Hearing Loss, Industrial Deafness and TOMATIS® Sound Therapy

If you have hearing loss due to your work environment, you have probably been told that there is nothing you can do to restore your hearing outside of using a hearing aid. The good news is that there ARE alternative methods that have the potential to restore your hearing, even if you have been told that you have inner ear damage.

Industrial DeafnessCilia Stimulation

Quite often, when a person is diagnosed with nerve deafness, it doesn’t mean they have suffered irreparable nerve damage. More often than not, it means that the cilia – the tiny hairlike sensors within the inner ear – have become flattened and thereby less sensitive to stimuli. They have lost their ability to effectively pick up sound vibrations.

Alleviating Hearing Loss With TOMATIS® Sound Therapy

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy uses sound frequency and music, played at fluctuating frequencies to stimulate and activate filters within the inner ear, and concentrate auditory information for better reception and cilial stimulation. The result is an all-natural, drug-free method for improving hearing that has been scientifically tested and proved over and over again in clients of all ages who suffer from hearing loss related to work or other noisy environments.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis and the “Electronic Ear”

Dr. Tomatis started out looking for a way to reverse hearing loss. His earliest experiments dealt with the altering of the auditory curve. He designed his Electronic Ear apparatus to manipulate the frequencies of various sounds so they matched sounds familiar to the auditory curve (or vice-versa). He found that this could boost the processing of deficient frequencies and enable a person to hear normally.

Benefits of TOMATIS® Sound Therapy for Hearing Loss

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy is an effective alternative and holistic treatment that aids in restoring hearing in the following ways:

  • Helps you hear better in a noisy room when hearing aids will only exacerbate the problem
  • Improves high frequency hearing for greater ease of speech comprehension
  • Naturally improves your body’s own ability to hear without the use of a compensating device
  • Delays or eliminates the need for hearing aids in mild to moderate cases

Correcting Central Auditory Processing with TOMATIS®

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy is not simply about hearing. It is about listening. Central auditory processing is the brain’s ability to catalogue and understand different simultaneous auditory stimuli. Listening and hearing are not the same thing. The effectiveness of the TOMATIS® system is its ability to teach the brain how to tune in some sounds and tune out others. This is why those with hearing loss often find they can hear better in a crowded room after undergoing the therapy.

If you suffer from industrial or workplace hearing loss and have been told there is no medical cure, I would love to talk with you about TOMATIS®. Call me today and arrange a consultation. I have helped people all over Australia with symptoms like yours regain a wider range of hearing and even eliminate the need for hearing aids. Call: 0437 048 833 to find out more. I am waiting to hear from you!


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