Outcomes – Auditory Vestibular Visual Interplay

Auditory-Vestibular-Visual Interplay relates to reading and writing. The importance of the connection between the auditory and vestibular systems in the act of listening has already been mentioned.

Other changes we observe during the course of the program tend to reinforce this association. Just as music induces body movement (as in dancing), so also does Sound Therapy trigger numerous reactions at the motor and visual-ocular levels.

Changes are often reported at the level of balance and coordination, for example, in swimming, skating, or riding a bicycle. A greater sense of rhythm, a greater spatial awareness, and an improvement in motor planning are all commonly seen among the children, particularly those who tend to be physically awkward and clumsy.

Furthermore, better visual-motor skills are both reported and observed in relation to sports performance.

In reading, decoding also improves, and in handwriting, one finds that there is greater control of the hand in keeping the line of writing horizontal, and in improving the shape of the words.

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