Outcomes – Listening Skills

Listening Skills is the active skill of focusing both the ear and the body.

Parents of the children in our Sound Therapy program often comment on the changes they observe in their child’s physical appearance and facial expression.

While these changes may occur at any time during the course of Sound Therapy, they tend to occur most often in the earlier stages. One notes in particular an increase in eye contact and a more erect body posture, especially at the level of the neck and upper back. The face becomes more expressive, and the child seems to be become more ‘with it’, more ‘present’, and more ‘in the here and now’.

We interpret these results to indicate an improvement in the child’s listening skills. Listening is the ability to attune specifically to what one chooses to hear, while at the same time ‘deselecting’ other sounds. It was also noted that listening involves not only the active participation of the ear, but of the whole body as well. Here we are reminded of the image of a rabbit in a state of alertness. He not only perks up his ears, but his entire body becomes erect.

Thus, in listening, we see the combined contribution of the auditory and vestibular systems. This ‘cochlear-vestibular connection’ will be discussed in greater detail further on.

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