The Regulatory Effect of Sound Therapy

Children who demonstrate hypersensitivity to sound or who display tactile defensiveness, react well to Sound Therapy.

The sound sensitivity progressively decreases in the first case, and in the second, the children become more tolerant of physical contact. Along with greater sensory tolerance comes an improvement in the self-control of emotions. Moodiness, for example, tends to decrease.

Furthermore, temper tantrums occur less frequently and, when they do occur, tend to be less intense. Also, what triggers the tantrum tends to become more evident to others, less ‘out of the blue’. Some of these children become toilet trained spontaneously.

The child’s activity level also becomes more self-regulated. The ‘hyper’ child tends to calm down and fidgeting decreases. The ‘hypo’ child, on the other hand, tends to become more energized, more ‘with it’, ‘aware’, and ‘ready’, often with a corresponding increase in motivation.

Finally, for children who come to us with a diagnosis of ADD (either with or without hyperactivity), Sound Therapy offers an effective, non-drug alternative.

Knowing how best to help a child learn and grow as they are coping with developmental issues can be challenging. What I can say is that in the vast majority of cases this therapy works in remarkable ways – and it has a tremendous track record in helping to improve audio processing issues.

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