Tomatis and Anxiety

Does Your Child Suffer from Anxiety?

Anxiety is an often misunderstood condition that affects people of all ages, including children. Worry and fear that don’t seem to have a specific source can be signs of anxiety, as can an inability to stay organised or focused.

Know the Signs of Anxiety in Your Child

Tomatis and AnxietyWorry, especially when the source is not clearly defined, can adversely affect every aspect of life for a child.

Schoolwork can suffer, relationships can be made tense, making and keeping friends can be difficult, even just being out among people can be terrifying for a child with anxiety.

If your child has displayed what you consider to be irrational fears about performing everyday tasks like doing homework, getting dressed, bathing or anything else, or seems overly apprehensive about dealing with people, even close family members, it is time to consider whether or not he or she has anxiety.

There are also other possible causes of Anxiety in children. Among them are:

  • Loss of a family member or beloved pet
  • Early childhood injuries such as head trauma
  • Frequent ear infections as an infant or toddler
  • Abuse by a trusted adult, sibling or peer during childhood
  • Divorce
  • Moving home or changing schools

Anxiety Treatment Options

Most physicians will prescribe medication to treat the condition. If the child is yet undiagnosed, it is important to seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional about the situation. In some cases, prescription medications can work well. In other cases, effective treatments can come in alternative forms.

If your child has a diagnosis and you don’t reel right about medicating, it is important to understand that pharmaceutical remedies are not your only option. Barring certain extreme circumstances, anxiety is not a life-threatening condition. It can, however, drastically decrease the quality of life, which is why it is so important to address the issue in some constructive way.

Rest Easy With TOMATIS®

TOMATIS® Sound Therapy is an effective solution for treating anxiety in many cases. It helps to improve your child’s confidence and boots his or her self-esteem. There are many things that most of us take for granted that present real challenges for someone suffering from anxiety. TOMATIS® helps to make certain thought processes that contribute to anxiety easier and more natural, decreasing the effects of the condition without prescription drugs.

The TOMATIS® Method is not a hearing therapy. It is a listening therapy that retrains the brain in processing a broad spectrum of sounds. By teaching the brain how to listen properly, the individual’s thought processes become sharper and more focused.

A person with Anxiety has more control over the thoughts generated by the condition and can subsequently manage the thoughts and accompanying emotions with greater efficiency. TOMATIS® improves confidence and self-esteem for people of all ages. What was once difficult becomes natural and easy.

Keep Calm and Try TOMATIS®

I offer TOMATIS® Sound Therapy services to effectively treat a broad range of conditions and symptoms with great success. If your child has been diagnosed with Anxiety or you suspect that he or she might be suffering from it and you do not want to immediately medicate without exploring all of your options…

Call me at Your Mind Place on 0437 048 833 for a confidential consultation. The Tomatis sound therapy can be done Australia-wide via phone, skype and mail.

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