What is Sound Therapy

The Tomatis Method® of sound therapy is naturally drug-free it helps open up the mind and supports greater concentration, improved mental processing, calming of the nervous system and so much more.

Your Mind Place what is sound therapyAmongst our own clients we have seen children go from non-verbal to verbal, unable to move to starting to move, from able to sit but not stand to able to stand with support. Amongst our school aged clients we have seen children’s ability to read and write improve, their ability to pronounce and speak improve, their communication skills, balance and coordination improve.

Children with audio processing issues come home from school each day exhausted. Following therapy they come home fresh and having absorbed what they learnt at school.

The Tomatis Method® of sound therapy is a very exciting therapy that is bringing powerful, positive change to Australian children who need extra help and support to develop to their full potential.

Sharon and José are passionate in their desire to help you or your child reach your full potential.

Sharon and José Chinen have teamed up to bring the very latest in mind body therapy to you. Sharon is a University trained Counsellor and Therapist. José is a trained Nurse. Both have undertaken Certified training as Therapists in the Tomatis Method® of sound therapy. The Tomatis Method® originally created in France is now becoming known around the world for its tremendous ability to support children and adults with learning issues and/or developmental delays.

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