Does Smoking Affect Breastfeeding?

The Obvious Question…

Probably the first thing one would ask on this subject is, “Should a smoker breastfeed in the first place?”

The answer will probably surprise you. Mothers who smoke actually SHOULD breastfeed.

Does Smoking Affect Breastfeeding?Breast milk provides the baby with immunity elements that help him or her ward off illness and infection.

It can even help counteract many of the effects of cigarette smoking.

That being said, there are so many other problems that can arise from secondhand smoke, the fact that breast milk can lessen those effects does not make the baby safe. In fact, the more you smoke, the greater the risk to your baby’s health, no matter how you feed.

This is one of a long list of reasons why, if you are the mother of an infant and you smoke, you need to quit immediately and stay quit.

If you need more reasons, keep reading. I’m also going to show you how it can be done quickly and easily.

Cigarettes and Breastfeeding

There are definite ill effects of smoking on breastfeeding that the practice alone simply cannot negate. Here are a few reasons why your ultimate goal should be to quit outright:

Early Weaning – Studies have shown that the heavier the mother smokes, the earlier the child tends to wean. Even light smokers have babies who wean months before they should.

Decreased Milk Production – Milk production is lower in mothers who smoke, and that decrease of milk production also leads to a higher concentration of cigarette-related chemicals in the milk.

Interference with Milk Let-Down – Less release of milk into the ducts leads to fussy, underfed babies. Nicotine slows down milk production and drastically decreases the sensitivity of the let-down reflex.

Decreased Levels of Prolactin – Prolactin is the hormone that triggers milk synthesis. Smoking reduces the amount that the body produces which also leads to a decrease in milk production.

Get Serious About Quitting

The problems with modern methods for smoking cessation are numerous. Not the least of those problems is that any nicotine delivery system (gums, patches, pills, etc.) is still going to affect the biological functions of the body – all of them. What you need is a solution that has no adverse physical effects.

Quit For Good With Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is an effective and permanent way to quit smoking and stay quit for life. It has the benefit of by-passing any and all physical methods to target and release the addiction. Yes, cigarettes are physically addictive, but the brain plays a huge part in how firm a hold nicotine maintains on the user.

By talking directly to your subconscious mind I can re-teach your brain how to help the body function without nicotine. Your brain remembers – it just needs to be reminded. That’s what I do: I remind the brain how to regulate the body without the drug.

I have helped people throughout Australia quit for good and I can do the same for you. Contact me to learn how you can kick the habit permanently via personal one-on-one live hypnotherapy sessions. I provide in-office, Skype and telephone sessions depending on your specific needs.

Give your precious child the best chance at life. Call Your Mind Place Now: 0437 048 833.

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