Does Smoking Affect Energy Levels and Motivation?

My clients tell me they are tired, run-down, overworked. When I say that smoking causes tiredness and lack of motivation not everyone is ready to accept that.

Many want to believe it is just age and overwork that is causing them to feel so tired.

Does Smoking Affect Energy and MotivationIt could be however that smoking is contributing to making them feel less than their best.

But just stop to think about it. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what long hours you work, if you have been smoking every day for 10, 20, 30 years or more, you are in essence drip-feeding your body poison.

Cigarettes are poisonous, every one you have gives a small dose of toxins. Your body has to work to compensate for that.

Do you really believe it is possible to put poison into your body every day for decades and not feel some tiredness while your body uses up its energy taking care of that poison and those toxins?

Of course not! Smoking does lead to most people feeling tired, rundown and even lethargic and unmotivated. The vast majority of people report a distinct increase in energy, vitality and zest for life having quit smoking.

Isn’t it time you got your energy back? I would love to help you do just that.

Within twenty minutes following your last cigarette, beneficial changes in the body occur. Within weeks you feel stronger, and within months, energized. When you stop smoking cigarettes, your brain, lungs, and blood are impacted. How?

Increased Energy

Smoking cigarettes decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, brain, and lungs. According to research, a person only exhales about 10% of what they inhale. Smokers, beware. Approximately 90% of what you inhale remains in your lungs. Imagine smoking ten or twenty cigarettes a day. You get the picture.

With that much smoke trapped in the lungs, it is no wonder fatigue sets in. Most smokers complain of being tired, most of the time. They feel lazy and unproductive. Exercise becomes a low priority and being healthy is secondary to most everything else.

But, once you quit smoking, your energy level increases. All of a sudden you’re bouncing out of bed in the morning, ready to battle even the most stressful situations. Most ex-smokers report increased energy output, and as a result do not gain weight. Lung power improves and the former smoker becomes energetic, again.

Improved Motivation

Can you imagine feeling motivated about the day, immediately after getting out of bed? When you quit smoking, energy levels increase. When energy levels rise, so does motivation.

While some smokers argue that smoking gives them energy, what’s not being reported is that a few second boost of nicotine does not translate into energy or motivation. In fact, once the nicotine rush is over, energy drops and the smoker is left feeling tired, drained, and unmotivated.

Long-term smokers experience drains in motivation. Many slip into a rut that leaves them unproductive and unable to complete the tasks that non-smokers complete with ease. The only way to gain a motivated life back is to quit smoking.

Smokers are less active, are more prone to suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression than non-smokers, and have difficulty with exercise. When there is no exercise going on, there is little energy and motivation. Studies published in Science Daily in February of 2014, suggest that people who smoke walk less, exercise less, and move less than their non-smoking peers. Let’s face it – smokers are less physically active than non-smokers.

If you want to improve your motivation in life, feel better, and gain more energy, the first step is to quit smoking. Help is available.

Dehydration and Lack of Energy

Smoking dehydrates the body. Symptoms of dehydration in smokers include dry and cracked lips, flakey skin, and repeated bouts of urinary infections. Doctors recommend smokers drink at least two more liters of water than non-smokers. When a person is dehydrated, due to smoking, energy levels plummet. There is less oxygen in the blood and lung output becomes restricted. The consequence is dehydration.

The only sure way to improve energy levels and motivation is to stop smoking. But, the choice belongs to you. Want to start living life to the fullest?

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