Does Smoking Affect Memory?

… smoking nearly doubles the risk of developing dementia and degenerative brain disease…

Smoking and Memory Loss

Does Smoking Affect Memory?Research studies show that smokers don’t always remember people’s names and faces as well as their nonsmoking counterparts. While studies are ongoing, current research shows a direct link between smoking and impaired memory.

Whether smoking contributes directly to memory loss is unknown, but it is suspected that smoking is at least associated with memory loss because of smoking’s relationship with illnesses that contribute to memory loss.

The link between memory loss and aging

Most people experience some degree of memory loss as they age. It is an unfortunate, but normal process. However, approximately 40 percent of people age 65 and older experience age associated memory impairment due to lifestyle choices. Smoking is one of the lifestyle choices contributing to memory loss.

When a person smokes, lung function and circulation become impaired. The individual experiences constriction of blood vessels to the brain. Long-term smokers are at high risk of hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. All of these risks are potentially damaging to brain function.

Smoking interferes with memory in a variety of ways. It damages the lungs, restricting quality lung function, and restricts blood supply to the brain. Oxygen is deprived and neurons harmed. The introduction of toxins to the blood is also harmful to cognitive function. The damage contributes to memory loss.

The link between smoking and dementia

Findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (June 2008) show that middle-aged smokers are prone to memory problems more often than non-smoking peers. While dementia is less common among middle-aged people, smoking is associated with poor cognition and memory decline over the course of five consecutive years of smoking.

Researchers collected data from people aged 35 to 55. Results showed that smokers ranked in the lowest 20 percent of all of those tested, both smokers and non-smokers. Ex-smokers were less likely to have poor verbal frequency scores and limited vocabulary. According to research, smoking is associated with poorer memory function during midlife. However, ten years after quitting, little adverse effect on cognition remains. Quitting smoking helps the memory improve over time.

Smoking and poor lifestyle habits

According to the study in Archives of Internal Medicine, former smokers have better health habits than smokers. Ex-smokers consumed less alcohol, ate healthy, and exercised more than current smokers. Researchers concluded that the poor habits contributed to further health problems and had an adverse effect on the person as a whole.

Studies are ongoing and further information being gathered on the correlation between memory impairment and smoking. The most promising data collected is that the cognitive function of ex-smokers may improve over time. Since ex-smokers tested higher than current smokers, data indicates that the longer the cessation period the more the improved the memory. Analysis concluded that smoking nearly doubles the risk of developing dementia and degenerative brain disease. Both short and long term memory loss are improved the longer a person is away from smoking.

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