How To Grow Great Grass!

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To learn how to grow the freshest, greenest, most luscious wheatgrass ever – mould free – read on…

How to grow great grassIf you have ever tried growing wheatgrass then you know that at certain times of the year it is very susceptible to mould.

When my husband and I embarked on growing wheatgrass it was a bit by trial-and-error. In the end we scoured the internet and youtube looking for answers on how to grow the grass and not end up with it full of mould.

Because most people tend to grow it inside and in the dark it becomes a magnet for mould in the summer months. In our attempts to keep the mould at bay we tried everything – putting a fan on it, putting it outside in the shade for a bit during the day, watering it more, watering it less, changing the brand of organic seed we used and on and on.

Frustrated and unable to find anything that works we were about to give up when in the end my husband discovered a way that truly works.

You can grow wheatgrass and have no mould!

Here’s the trick.

  1. Sprout the seeds in the usual way.
  2. Prepare you growing tray in the usual way.
  3. Once your seeds have sprouted and are ready for planting, spread them out over the organic soil in the growing tray and then
  4. Sprinkle a small layer of organic soil over the top of the seeds. They won’t have any trouble growing right through the soil. The soil acts as a barrier that seems to hold the mould at bay, or at least contain it beneath the soil.
  5. Instead of simply spraying with water daily as the wheatgrass grows, take your growing trays outside, lay them on the grass and flush a good quantity of water through them. The aim being to flush the soil daily.
  6. Let the water drain off and then simply place your growing trays back in your preferred growing spot.
  7. Keeping your wheatgrass mould free is as easy as following the above steps taking particular note of steps 4 and 5.

It is as easy as that to grow fabulous, healthy wheatgrass and you will never have to contend with mould again!

Happy growing!

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