How To Help Your Teenager Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Can you help your Teen Stop Smoking?

I once had a phone call from an upset mother, her son was 17 years old and he was smoking. She went onto say that it was ruining his life, bringing his school marks down and affecting him memory.

Well of course I agree no-one wants their teenage son smoking but I assured her that cigarettes don’t affect one’s memory or cause their marks to tumble. Nonetheless I was happy to work with her child and help him to quit smoking.

How to help your teenager stop smoking cigarettes

When I sat down with him in his session, I quickly realized that I was working with an highly intelligent young man. He was eloquent, very self-aware and able to explain the affect the cigarettes were having on his life easily and quickly.

As it turns out, in an indirect way the cigarettes were destroying his memory and had caused his intellect to plummet and brought his marks down with it. What had happened was his mum was giving him lunch money for school and instead of spending it on food he was using it to buy cigarettes.

The cigarettes dulled his appetite to the point where he didn’t feel like eating and he was skipping both breakfast and lunch, and only eating dinner.

Being a young man he had a fast metabolism and the one meal a day he was eating was not enough to fully support his metabolic functions. He had been smoking and not eating properly for over a year and it was over the past 12 months that his grades had fallen off significantly and even more worryingly for him and his mum, his short-term memory was no longer available to him. He couldn’t remember the facts and figures that he needed to in order to do well at school.

His plan had been to go on to university and study science and physics. But since he couldn’t keep up at school (something that had not been a problem before he started smoking), he was at the stage where the school had decided he needed to revise his plans and aim for a more easily attainable profession. His brain was not functioning well enough for him to do the maths he needed to get into the course he wanted.

He was very concerned about his poor memory and his poor future career prospects. It was baffling to him as to why his intellect should suddenly drop off in the way that it had. Given that I often work with eating disordered teenagers I am very aware of the symptoms of restricted eating. He had all of the classic symptoms of someone who was not eating enough to maintain their health. He was tired all the time, lethargic and unmotivated, disinterested in things that used to interest him, unable to keep up at school, low on energy, he had a very poor memory and struggled to do his school work (something that had previously been easy for him).

Given how worried he was at his bleak career prospects for the future, I was delighted to be able to tell him that the only thing holding him back from regaining his full intellectual abilities was his lack of nutrition. He was so happy to realize that all he had to do to get his life back on track was to build up his nutrition and start eating regularly again.

He did the Quit Smoking with Hypnosis program with me to get himself off the cigarettes and he followed my advice in regards to building up his nutrition.

I am pleased to say that he is now back on track, once again successfully working towards his dream career.

I am a university trained addictions counselor and a trained hypnotherapist with many years of experience. If you or your child needs to quit smoking my Quit Smoking with Hypnosis program has a very high success rate.

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