How To Quit Smoking When Your Partner Smokes

Can you quit smoking even though your partner smokes?

It’s easy to lose weight with a partner. It’s easy to start going to the gym more often when you have a partner to accompany you. It’s easy to do lots of things as a couple, but when one person decides to quit smoking and the other doesn’t follow along, that’s a recipe for failure most of the time.

Most couples have a deeper connection and have more things in common than smoking. It’s the rare relationship that sustainability hinges on that. The problem with trying to quit when your partner decides not to is almost completely psychological.

How To Quit Smoking When Your Partner SmokesWhy It’s So Difficult to Quit When Your Partner Can’t or Won’t

Your senses get all kinds of stimuli. You see the smoke. You smell the tobacco. In close quarters you can even taste it. You see your partner holding a cigarette and memories of touch take over. Even the sound of a lighter’s flint scraping evokes sensory memories that can be overwhelming unless reeled in.

The Answer is Simple…

Hypnosis does just that for you: it helps wrangle all the thoughts that spring from all the external stimuli. It won’t make you not see it or smell it, but it will help you not mind seeing or smelling it.

Just Imagine…

If you weren’t bothered by all the sensual aspects of smoking when you watch your partner do it, do you think you could stay quit? The answer is yes. You absolutely could. You might even motivate your significant other to quit too when he or she sees how much more energy you have and how much better you look, smell, etc. You could turn the tables on the situation! You could evoke memories in your partner of what things were like before cigarettes and there is no doubt that those thoughts and memories would be appealing.

How it Works

Through hypnosis, I speak directly to your subconscious. I place suggestions into it that tell your conscious mind to not be bothered by all the external stimuli. I allow your emotions a fighting chance against all the urges that the nicotine creates. Even if you have to see it, taste it or smell it, your subconscious is capable of telling your body and your mind not to care.

Hypnosis breaks the addiction to nicotine, it helps curtail the effects of withdrawal and it allows you, by your own free will, to say no to cigarettes once and for all. If you really want your partner to quit, you need to take the first step and try my quit smoking hypnotherapy solution.

Don’t Wait Another Instant…

Begin your journey to wellness and a smoke-free existence TODAY. I offer hypnosis solutions to your smoking addiction through face-to-face sessions, and I can work with you via phone or Skype. People all over Australia have benefitted from my program and so can you. Will you be my next success story? Will you be smoke free and quit for life in just a matter of days from now?

The choice is yours – make a good one and contact me today!

Call me at Your Mind Place on: 0437 048 833.

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