Is Hypnosis Dangerous for Quitting Smoking?

There are those who would love to tell you that hypnosis is not only ineffective but also dangerous if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Those people often work for drug companies that manufacture “cures” like nicotine gum and patches. These products don’t really deal with the addiction, they simply re-route the conveyance system for the drug to which you are addicted.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous for Quitting SmokingEven worse, nicotine replacements, only deal with part of the addiction.

The much larger part of smoking is psychological.

It’s what happens in your brain that keeps you hooked far more than just the chemicals.

Those chemicals will eventually work their way out of your body but there are two problems:

  • They never go without a fight, and…
  • It can take upwards of six months to completely detox, depending on how much you smoke right now.

A Few Myths About Hypnosis

For starters, forget every movie and TV show you’ve seen that deals with hypnosis. As adults it is important to understand that there is a difference between what’s real and what’s entertainment.

People say that if you submit to hypnosis, the hypnotist can take control of you and make you do anything they want. Let me be clear: I cannot MAKE you do anything. The thoughts and behaviors that are taught to your subconscious through hypnosis are called “suggestions.” They are called that for a reason and that reason is simple: that is precisely what they are. No hypnotist can harness your free will. Either you will adhere to the suggestions your subconscious receives or you will not. It takes a conscious act of will to receive them and it takes a conscious act of will to act upon them.

Hypnosis isn’t about making a person cluck like a chicken every time a bell rings. It’s about retraining the subconscious mind to govern more effectively the actions of the conscious mind. The conscious mind, in turn, governs cognizant thought processes and motivates you to act and behave in certain ways.

Can I evoke certain responses to certain stimuli? Absolutely. Can I actually make you do anything? No, I cannot. Your actions require will so the decision to do anything or refuse to do anything I suggest is ultimately yours.

The Verdict

So the answer to the question is simple: it is in no way shape or form harmful or dangerous to employ hypnosis to quit smoking. It does work, and for many it’s the only viable option. The symptoms of withdrawal are severe and they hit almost instantly. When they do, they can linger for months. It is far too much for the average person to bear alone (although some people can and do quit on their own). The job of hypnosis is to take away the cravings and withdrawals. That’s what it does. That’s why people like hypnosis and that is why it is so successful in helping people to stay quit – for good!

I have helped many people throughout Australia quit for good and I can help you, too. I do personal one-to-one sessions in-office as well as over the phone and over Skype. Whatever works best for you, whatever will help you the most and help you the fastest, I am there to do.

Find out how you can be smoke free for the rest of your life when you contact us today.

Please call Your Mind Place on: 0437 048 833

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