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“It’s two years since I went to Sharon now. I am in my forties and I was a casual pot smoker for many years. I had tried many times to quit before but just wasn’t able to do it on my own. With Sharon I quit in just one session. Sharon approached the issue in a different way to other counselors, she didn’t spend a whole lot of time dragging me through my past, we went there and looked at a few things but only those things that would hold me back from quitting the pot. It was great. I couldn’t believe how fast she worked through everything. She didn’t want to drag it out. She didn’t want me coming back for session after session. She told me her goal was to get the job done as quickly as possible. I didn’t really believe her when she said that most people do quit in the first session. But now I know it’s true because it worked for me too. Since then, I have sent a lot of people to her, most of them have quit in the first session too. The others needed one or two more sessions but they always got there. I think it is really marvelous the way that Sharon works. She gets on with it and gets results fast.”

J. Dore. Oakleigh

PotTestimonials“I was so worried about my daughter. She fell in with the wrong crowd in High School and had been smoking marijuana with her friends for a long time before I found out about it. By the time I did find out about it she was suffering with depression too. I didn’t really know where to turn. My daughter didn’t like the counselor the doctor recommended and refused to go after just one session. A friend of a friend told me about Sharon so we went there. Sharon was great. She seemed to be able to connect with my daughter in a way that worked for her. She had her off marijuana in a couple of sessions and then worked with her until the depression lifted too. It took time and there were ups and downs along the way but in the end we got the result we were after and I got my beautiful daughter back. I am forever grateful to Sharon for that.”

Joan. Gembrook

By the time I found Sharon my life felt like it was closing down around me. I had stopped hanging out with friends or doing any of the things I liked to do. I was divorced and my kids no longer talked to me. For a long time the pot felt like it filled a void in my life but in the end I just felt empty and alone. One day I realized I just had to stop the pot it was wreaking my life. I had heard that Sharon was the person to go to. Sharon was easy to talk to and the hypnosis felt like it got deep into my head. After that I felt different – lighter, more organized. I just never needed to smoke after that. The cravings that I used to have were just gone. Now I am getting out more and re-establishing ties with my kids. Things are looking up.

Rick. Emerald

I was struggling to hold it together and was smoking too much. My ex was trying to get full custody of the kids and I didn’t want to lose them so I realized I had to stop. A friend had told me about Sharon. I had tried all sorts of things but never hypnosis, but I was open to it – why not. It worked really well. Sharon told me that my strong desire to want to be quit was a big part in why it worked so easily. Well, I guess when you want something badly enough you just have to go for it. I didn’t want to lose my kids, that was enough motivation for me to put the effort in. I’m just glad it worked.

Brian. Dandenong

I went to Sharon because she was recommended to me by my doctor. I found her therapy to be very effective. I quit easily and have remained that way for many years now.

John B. Hallam

Mum saw one of Sharon’s ads somewhere and told me about it. Sharon was easy to talk to and she got me sorted in a few sessions. I really liked the hypnosis.

Tyler. Frankston

Sharon’s great. I have been to a lot of therapists but none of them helped me in the way that she did. It is hard to describe how she works, it’s like she is really honest and really practical but in a good way. She didn’t get bogged down in my childhood stuff either. I liked that. She just got on with it.

Crystal. Cranbourne

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