Quit Smoking Help

You have probably tried to quit smoking any number of times and have reached a point where you fear that it could be impossible to quit and stay quit.

Do not despair! It’s time to get some Quit Smoking Help!

Quit smoking helpAll those previous attempts at quit smoking have only taught you how best not to do it!

If you have tried patches, zyban, champix and nicotine replacement then you know that the answer is not necessarily to be found there. Perhaps like me you have come to the conclusion that nicotine replacement products don’t even make sense.

I mean, you have replaced the craving for a cigarette with a nicotine product. How does that get you off nicotine and out of the habit of using a product that contains nicotine? Won’t you end up just replacing the old cigarette with the new patch, gum or pill and staying just as hooked? The answer in my many years of experience as an addiction counselor and hypnotherapist working with quit smoking clients is, yes!

While I spend a lot of my time helping people to stop smoking, numerous times I have had to help people get over their addiction to nicotine gum and other products.

The real reason that people don’t quit and stay quit using nicotine replacement products is because the thing that truly stops people from giving up smoking is not nicotine at all it is the fact that they use their cigarettes to help them cope with life’s ups and downs. Times of stress, anxiety, boredom, anger, worry, frustration, fear and upset all become reasons to smoke. Many people use their smoking as a support to help them feel balanced and calm throughout the day. Clearly a nicotine replacement product is not going to take care of that.

If you have tried and tried to quit smoking and failed, then you could do with the help of a trained professional. I am a university trained addictions counselor and hypnotherapist, and I have years of experience helping people to not just quit smoking but to stay quit for life.

I know how to help you deal with stress, anxiety, boredom and any other strong emotional feeling that keeps you going back to smoking. You can be done with the smokes for good.

If you want more than just to quit – if you want to stay quit – then I am your ‘gal! My Quit Smoking Hypnosis program is available Australia-wide either in person or over the telephone and skype.

Give Your Mind Place a call on 0437 048 833 to find out more.

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