Quit Smoking Weed

If your pot habit is affecting your life, relationships etc then it’s time to quit smoking weed

Call it a victimless crime. Say that it’s not addictive. Talk all day about the health benefits. The simple fact of the matter is that if your marijuana smoking is out of control, whether you think you’re addicted or not, you need to stop.

Ask Yourself…

Quit Smoking Weed– How much of your day is taken up toking up?

– Would you rather light the bong than get together with friends?

– How’s your memory lately?

– How’s your bank account looking?

– When was the last time you really had a totally clear, coherent thought?

Even strains that purport to allow you to function with complete clarity are still affecting brain function in a way that could cause severe and permanent damage. If you are smoking recreationally and doing so more often all the time, you are using marijuana at abusive levels. If that is true, you need to consider the harm it is doing. It is doing harm to you, everyone you love and everyone who loves you.

Keep These Things in Mind…

  • Marijuana is a hallucinogen. It can make things appear normal when, in reality, they are anything but.
  • Medical marijuana users rarely smoke to get high. They smoke to treat their illness and do not over-use.
  • If you have favorite strains and consider yourself an authority on bud, chances are you smoke quite a bit and you do so to excess.
  • If you won’t even consider the notion that you might have a problem and become hostile if someone suggests it, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.
  • If you’re broke all the time it’s because you’re literally rolling too much of your funds into your habit.
  • If you can’t remember the last few bullet points in this list without looking, you are likely suffering from short-term memory loss – a common problem for habitual marijuana users.

If You Want to Quit…

There is a way that is easy and effective and it is available to you through hypnosis. I have helped people all over Australia break their dependency on pot. No, pot is not physically addictive, but it IS emotionally addictive. That means that the addiction is, quite literally, all in your head. By working with your subconscious to curtail the urge to toke up, I can help break that psychological dependency on pot and help you think more clearly about the decisions you’re making.

Again, you will never understand the fog you’re living in unless and until you allow the haze in your head to clear. Even if you think you lack the willpower, hypnosis can circumvent those weaknesses and draw out your strength of will.

It’s Up To You…

I work one-on-one with clients in a clinical setting, but I can also work with you individually by phone or via Skype. Don’t go on living in denial just because pot isn’t physically addictive. If it’s slowly (or quickly) taking over every aspect of your life, you need help finding the exit door. I can open that door in your mind through hypnosis. Find out more about how I can help break your pot addiction TODAY.

Call me at Your Mind Place on: 0437 048 833

Sessions available Australia-wide



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