Ready to Kick the Pot Habit?


***No Stress***
***No Downtime***
***No Major Lifestyle Adjustments***

Just you, me and your desire to quit.



Pot wrecks your memory, your friendships, your job, your family – your life!

At some point people reach a point in their drug use where they realize ‘I just don’t want to do this anymore. It gives me nothing and takes away everything I really care about.’

Kick the pot habitNo doubt when you first started smoking it felt like you were in control and the pot was just something you were doing for fun, or to relax, or to hang with mates, but now you look around and realize that you have no life. The pot has taken it away. Not only have you lost control of the pot smoking but it has complete control over you. You crave a smoke when you wake up in the morning; you need a smoke to relax when you get home from work. You feel like you can’t function without it.

If you put the dope first you end up with nothing.

Older people come to me and they have split with their families because of the pot, lost contact with their ex and their kids. The kids stop visiting, family falls away. It’s a miserable existence.

One mum recently told me that her main reason for wanting to quit pot was so that she could remember her young son’s life and milestones. Everything up until now was a blur of blue smoke haze. While other mothers talk about the time their kid did this or that adorable thing, she couldn’t remember those precious times. It was really disturbing her that she couldn’t really be there like a normal mum for her son. She knew it wasn’t right and she wanted to change. She wanted to be the mum that she knew she could be.

Others have told me how slowly but surely they have cut off from friends, from going out, from doing the things they love to do. Now all they do is stay home and smoke. All their friends are pot heads – paranoid ramblers, blabbing on about the same thing over and over – and there are very few that they can trust or even feel are good people. They wonder how they ended up here. But really they know – it is the pot.

Maybe it seemed like the pot was helping you cope with life. Maybe it seemed like life was too hard unless you ‘took the edge off’ with a smoke. In the beginning it can seem like pot helps to cope with anxiety or panic or stress but in the end you are left with paranoia, loneliness and a hazy memory of your past. It is no life. No life at all.

So many people have told me how they used their pot to help them write or paint or be creative and then it just took over. Others used it to block out the reality of a boring, repetitive mundane factory job. Either way, it ties you up and leaves you flat, depressed, living in a dark place with no life.

At some point everyone wakes up and realizes they want out. Pot is no life.

I am a university trained addictions counsellor and hypnotherapist. I have years of experience and have worked with hundreds of people to get them off pot for good. Whether you are worried about your anxiety or your addictive personality I know how to help. There is a way out of the blue haze and the great news is once you have made your decision to quit, when you are determined to turn things around, the method I use is simple, fast and it works. It does require your dedication, but once you have hit rock bottom and you are ready to change it works!

Give Your Mind Place a call: 0437 048 833.

Take back control. Win this battle with pot, once and for all.

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