Smoking – Quitting Cold Turkey

Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Take the plunge. It is the easiest way to do anything. It’s true when diving into a cold swimming pool, it’s true when you’re trying a new food or a new activity and it is true when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Smoking quitting cold turkeyJust Do It!
When you decide to quit smoking, your best bet is to just do it. When it’s time, it’s time. The problem is that, when left to our own devices, we can’t just quit. It’s a lot different than many of the other things we experience.

Here’s the problem with that…
Our bodies develop a need for the nicotine and when we just up and take it away, the body reacts. It sends out withdrawal symptoms so we give it more nicotine. It’s in those moments (and they usually hit very quickly and VERY hard) that we start quickly re-thinking the whole cold turkey angle and start making compromises.

  • “I’ll cut down.”
  • “I’ll chew some gum.”
  • “I’ll chew some nicotine gum.”
  • “I’ll have the cheesecake.”

Things can spiral out of control very quickly. We find it impossible to go cold turkey so we compromise and find other conveyances for the nicotine. Then we start compensating for the withdrawal symptoms with things that stimulate the senses and provide comfort. Most often that means food and that leads to weight gain.

It’s true that some people are capable of going cold turkey. The rest of us – those of us in the overwhelming majority – need some help.

The Power of Hypnosis
Hypnosis unlocks the part of your mind that is capable of telling the body, “no more!” Our subconscious mind regulates everything and it does it behind the scenes and without our permission.

The good news is that the subconscious can be reasoned with and it can be told how to behave. That is what hypnosis does: it works with the mind on a subconscious level and plants cues or “suggestions” that enable the body to rid itself of the need for cigarettes and nicotine in one single, powerful action.

If you have tried everything else…
…or if you just can’t muster up the will to try quitting on your own, the value of focused, quality hypnotherapy is unmatched. No substitute for cigarettes will ever really help you quit. Patches, gums, prescription medications – all of these things only transfer the problem to another conveyance system.

What you need is a way to re-educate your body; you need to teach it to function without the nicotine. It did it once and it remembers how. The trick is in getting it to remember. That is what hypnosis does – it helps the body to remember how to function without the nicotine so it stops demanding it.

Don’t wait – reclaim your life and lifestyle now!

Stop throwing money away on cigarettes or on products designed to help you quit. My hypnosis program for smoking cessation has been, for many, an instant solution to their smoking problem. Take back your life and your health.

Find out more about how my program works and how it can help you quit today. Call Your Mind Place Now!: 0437 048 833.

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