Stop Smoking Methods Comparison

There are many stop smoking methods and ways that people can use in order to help them stop smoking.

At Your Mind Place, a lot of my clients have tried things like Champix tablets, nicotine patches, nicorette gum, sprays, e-cigarettes, acupuncture, cold turkey and more.

By their own admission the nicotine replacements aides have a rather low success rate (just check their website). After all let’s face it, smoking is not about the nicotine it’s about the habit.

The Champix is slightly better but for many people comes with deplorable side effects. I talk to people on a regular basis who have tried Champix and over and over I hear stories of nightmares, nausea, brain-snaps, anger, moodiness and depression. Because it can induce thoughts of suicide in people suffering from depression it is not to be prescribed to them. By all accounts Champix seems to work fine for the few that it works for, for the rest the side-effects are just too great.

The only other method I hear about that has achieved some good level of success is the book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking by Allen Carr. And as helpful as this book seems to be I only hear about it because these people are coming to me for Quit Smoking Hypnosis. People tell me they find it helpful, but it never quite gets them across the line.

If quitting smoking was all about the nicotine, then nicotine replacement aides would work like a charm – they don’t!

Stop Smoking Methods ComparisonWhy is that I hear you ask. It is because for many people smoking is not about the nicotine, it’s about the habit. People want a ciggy with their morning coffee, on their drive to work, after a meal, when they are having a drink with their mates, socializing etc.

People who have quit smoking for any longer than 4 days are not returning to smoking due to the nicotine. Nicotine is out of our body in three to four days.

I talk to many people who tell me they have had long periods of months or even years during which they have not smoked. It is not the nicotine that sends someone back to smoking in a case like this. It is the habit. The unconscious idea that either a cigarette will enhance a situation or relax or calm the mind and emotions down in some way. e.g. having a cigar at the birth of a baby, enjoying a smoke while taking in a spectacular view while on holiday in some wonderful location, or catching up with old friends.

Many people use their smoking as a kind of trigger to let their mind know ‘it’s ok to relax now.’ When they are stressed, anxious, worried, upset or angry they will go outside to have a smoke to calm down. Now of course it is not the smoke that clams them down, it is the ritual and the fact that over the years they have trained themselves into the habit of believing that a smoke will calm them down. It is a habit that can easily be broken with hypnosis.

I am a university trained addictions counsellor and hypnotherapist, with years of experience helping people to quit smoking quickly and easily. If you are finally ready to let go of this poisonous habit don’t hesitate – give me a call!

Call Your Mind Place 0437 048 833 today and let me help you put smoking in your past where it belongs.

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